My Little Space

Hello. Bonjour. Ciao.

Welcome to my little space on the internet. A place where I plan on sharing my thoughts, ideas and musings. I’ve been thinking for some time that I need a creative outlet to express some of my thoughts and pondering about how to live a happy, successful life.

During the summer (August 2017), I was visiting some friends of my fiancé in Oklahoma. We stayed with a wonderful family who lead a church called Destiny Christian Centre. Half-way through one of the services, the Pastor introduced me and Joe as a couple to the church. It was here that I experienced what I suppose was a prophetic word: God spoke to the Pastor that I would do something that involved writing and that my words would have an impact. Ever since then, I’ve been mulling over what this could be. Could I write a book? Could I write a curriculum for my teaching job? What could I do?

As the months have passed, I prayed about my writing and asked God to reveal what it is He wants me to be writing. To be honest, I haven’t had a ‘shining beam of light’ or ‘angels singing from the Heavens’ moment that has brought clarity to this situation. I have, however, had a growing feeling that I don’t want to look back on my life and have forgotten the small, day-to-day things that may not have seemed significant at the time, but have ultimately shaped my life and helped me grow as a person. I love reading about other people’s lives and am fascinated by people’s routines, passions and experiences. Perhaps others might be interested in my life too then.

This year is a huge year for me. I am getting married! No longer will I be a singleton by the name of Stringer who dreams of a caring, loving, handsome husband to sweep me off my feet and go on a lifetime of adventures with. Indeed – excuse the soppiness for one moment – I have found said man and am truly living my fairytale happily ever after. That’s not to say there have been no bumps in the road and I am under no illusion that the road ahead is going to be smooth. With that said though, I don’t want to forget these precious moments that life has been feeding me and I hope to share some of my tips and tricks of how to live a life filled with acceptance, confidence and happiness.

There’s so much I could say in this opening post but I shall leave it here for now. Until next time,

Sarah Louise

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