New Year, New Goals


Hello again lovely readers and welcome back.

We may now be an entire month into 2018 but as I only started this blog yesterday (hurrah, I’ve survived an entire day), I thought I’d share with you all the goals I set myself back in January. Every year we hear the saying “New Year, New Me”. Well quite frankly, I do not want to be an entirely new version of myself; I prefer to improve and  polish the person I already am. I gave up making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago and have instead set myself goals for the year ahead. This year, to help me focus on more goals without becoming overwhelmed, I’ve categorised them. Without further ado, here are my goals for 2018:


Goal 1: Get married to my best friend

This is a bit of cheat goal as we booked the wedding last August, but it still makes me smile to have it on my goal list.

Goal 2: Focus on positive friendships and get rid of any toxic ones

Although I am not involved with many, if any, toxic relationships, I am ensuring that I steer clear of anyone that adds unnecessary negativity to my life.

Goal 3: Enjoy even more family time

Because I am joining a family this year, I thought it appropriate to have as much family time as possible with my current and new family. I like to alternate Sunday lunch’s between my parents and Joe’s parents, and we’re going on two family holidays this year: Centre Parcs with my family and Wales with Joe’s.


Goal 1:  Paint the living room and kitchen

I moved into my new-build house last April (it’s scary how quickly time has flown by) and I am ready to say goodbye to plain walls and add a splash of colour. Joe will be moving in with me once we’re married (crazy kids not living together before we’re married) so I plan for this to be a way of helping Joe to feel at home by choosing the colours and painting the walls together. 

Goal 2: Buy a shed

This is very self-explanatory. Until now, I have struggled without a shed – well, struggle might be exaggerating a bit – and I would like to progress to the next phase of adulthood by buying a proper, sturdy shed.

Goal 3: Make Joe feel at home

This one ties in with the first goal in this category. Everything in the house at the moment was chosen by me. Now, I like to think I have good taste in furniture, but I acknowledge that it is very much my taste and not Joe’s. Hopefully, we’ll be able to add little touches to bring in Joe’s personality to make him at home.


Goal 1: Eat regular, wholesome meals

Since I was a teenager I have been very good at eating healthily and exercising regularly. However, once I started living on my own, I’ve became incredibly lazy and will often settle for a quick bowl of cereal or just some snacks for tea (Southern translation = dinner). No more though. I want to eat proper meals every day and nourish my body the way it deserves. 

Goal 2: Go mostly teetoal

This won’t be difficult for me as I don’t drink a lot alcohol and I won’t be completely abstaining, rather I just want to save alcohol for very special occasions – a wedding perhaps. 

Goal 3: Move more and get outside

I love exercising, especially dancing, but that often takes place inside. Fresh air is so important for our mental well-being and I plan on running, walking, gardening and anything else that gets me moving in the great outdoors. 


Goal 1: Join the worship team

I love singing and have been blessed with a gift of singing, so it’s time I joined the worship team and spread the faith.

Goal 2: Become more involved with the next Alpha course

I recently helped on an Alpha Course and loved it; therefore, I want to get more involved on the next course and help even more people explore their journey with faith. 

Goal 3: Unfortunately, I am just teasing you here as this one is between me and God

There we have it: my goals for 2018. The fact that I have put them on the internet for the world to see will hopefully keep me accountable. I have left some sections out of the list – work goals and financial goals – as I didn’t think they were appropriate to share on the internet. Some things are best left private.

Do you have any goals you’re working towards this year? I’d love to hear them so please share themin the comments section below.

Much love,

Sarah Louise

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