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January Book Review

I love reading. I always have and I always will.

As a child, I was hooked on books. I could not get enough. Every evening, I would read before bed, sometimes by torchlight after my parents had told me to turn my light off (sorry Mum and Dad, but at least I was learning). It seemed fitting, therefore, that I should feature a monthly book review on the Sarah Louise blog.

January’s book was written by a good friend of mine, Lawrence Neisent. Lawrence is the Pastor of Destiny Christian Centre in Oklahoma City and has written a series of books on how to turn your life around to live a more enriched, fulfilled and purposeful life.

The first book in his series is aptly titled ‘180-Degree Turnaround‘. Underneath the title is the tag-line ‘from merely existing to truly living‘ and that is an excellent summary of what this book can help you do. It journeys through several key elements that are crucial to helping a person change their life and shake off their demons (drug problems, alcoholism, anger issues; the list could go on). Lawrence explains how ‘change is a process and not an event‘ and how the culture of our life determines the outcome.

When I first started reading the book, I couldn’t help but hear Lawrence’s voice read the words in my head, and I believe that is a credit to his writing. A perfect blend of conversational-tones with deep academic insight helps make this book easy to read, whilst remaining thought-provoking and challenging throughout. Each chapter of the book follows a similar format: an introduction to the section; references to scripture; the inclusion of personal anecdotes;  an inspiring testimony from someone who has had a 180°  turnaround in their life; ending with a few questions to get the reader thinking about how they can apply this teaching to their own situation.

The Forward of the book advises the reader to read a chapter at a time, allowing for space to mull over what has been written before continuing with the next stage. Although I did not read it like this – I was in a very happy, content place when I read this book and was not necessarily looking to turn around my life – I appreciate how this suggestion would be extremely beneficial for someone who was looking to make changes in their life.  I could easily see how reading it in large chunks, as I did, might become overwhelming; having to think about making so many changes at once is daunting for most people, with or without problems.

One final note I want to say is, whether you’re a Christian or not, this is a superb book in helping bring reflection on your life, with practical steps to carry out changes that need to be made. The scriptures that have been included provide evidence of how being a Christian can guarantee a turnaround in your life, yet they aren’t preachy or in your face.

Overall, I would give this book 5/5, not just because the author might end up reading this post (hey Lawrence), but because I recognise the power this book could have in changing people’s lives for the better, and I for one am a huge advocator of that.

For more information on Lawrence Neisent, visit his website

To buy ‘180-Degree Turnaround’, click here. 

  1. Did you read any good books in January?
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