Let It Snow!

At the start of this week, as I was going about my normal routine getting ready for work, the news reporters on Radio 4 started mentioning a ‘Beast from the East’ that was about to hit the UK. A beast? In the UK? Why was it hitting us? Didn’t this Beast know it’s not nice to hit countries? As my interest was piqued, I decided to keep listening for more information. Thus began mine and the country’s obsession with the ‘Beast from the East’.

For those of you not from the UK, this Beast stomped over from Russia to wreak havoc in the UK by plummeting temperatures to well below zero, covering the country in sensational snow and knocking the UK over with winds of over 50mph. Beast, you really know how to make your presence known.

In typical UK fashion, the country came to a standstill as chaos ensued before the Beast even licked the shores of the east coast: trains were cancelled, flights were halted and people began panic buying milk like nobody’s business. On top of this, school’s began to close – including my own – and children’s joyous laughter cut clear as day through the blizzard as a sight rarer than a golden tabby tiger licking its paws could be seen across the land: snow days!

Despite the fun to be had, there were far more serious and detrimental sides to this storm. Tragically, people have lost their lives and many have been stranded in their homes, without heat and electricity, or a way to get help. It is natural that a weather event on this scale will dominate the news, and even though some on social media have been quick to say how it’s ‘only a bit of snow’ or that ‘Canada are laughing at us now’, I have been impressed with how the country has pulled together to fight the Beast, including one man from a village near my town who walked 15 miles so he could get to his shift as a fireman on time.

Unfortunately, I cannot claim to have done anything nearly as heroic. I spent my first snow day sledging in the countryside, building a snowman, having snowball fights and making snow angels. Weather like this does not visit very often so I was determined to make the most of it. For the second snow day, I took it a little slower. The snow was beginning to melt away, like a longed for visitor who finally had to go home. Whilst there is still a light covering, it is soft and slushy but with deadly ice taking its place underneath; therefore, I wrapped up warm, cranked up my heating and had a lazy day on the sofa.

Hopefully, spring will kick away this winter weather soon and the sun will make a welcome appearance. For now though, enjoy the photos from my snow day.


What’s the weather like where you live?

What’s your favourite thing about snow days?


5 thoughts on “Let It Snow!”

  1. Great post! Really like the photos too 🙂

    My boiler packed up two days ago, and after donning about 8 layers I was still really cold. Thank the Lord it was fixed this afternoon. I just had a hot shower which was so very appreciated!

    God bless you and your boyf!


  2. Snow’s beautiful when you can play around with (and in) it, I think 😄☃️ I’m from Sweden originally so I’m used to a lot of snow! However, I’m currently in Brighton UK and for some reason, the snowy weather seems worse here – I bet it’s because I didn’t expect it 😂 Great post!


    1. I agree that snow can be so beautiful. That’s so interesting that is worse here at the moment. We’re just not used to it so it’s a novelty haha Enjoy your time in the UK.

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