Hello lovely people and welcome to my blog.

I’m Sarah and I am in my mid-twenties, living in North East Lincolnshire. I grew up in the area with a wonderful family and some amazing friends; however, after suffering from what I later learned to me severe anxiety, I couldn’t wait to leave and ‘find myself’ at university.

Off I went to King’s College London to study Music. At first, it was great. I met so many new, interesting people and was enjoying living my dream life. After a year though, I began to struggle a lot with anxiety, particularly social anxiety. I reached crisis point and finally sought help and got a diagnosis. After a course of high-intensity CBT and being put on beta blockers, I started to feel better. It never went away though and was constantly plaguing me and spoiling my experiences.

Once University had finished, I went back home and felt I could breathe again; it helped that I was living with and getting looked after by my wonderful parents. It was time to think of a career choice and I thought of teaching. I’ve always loved being around children and had toyed with the idea of being a teacher for many years. I gained a place at the University of Cambridge to do a one-year PGCE course. This time, being away from home was worse. Although I was a student, I was training for an adult job an ultimately living in an adult world. I found this in-between stage incredibly difficult. Following the completion of my course, I got a job at one of my placement schools and my anxiety reached a new high. Once again, I sought treatment and had two course of CBT: a low-intensity course for anxiety and a high-intensity course for confidence.

I prayed a lot and read so much scripture during these times and became closer and closer to God. Whilst completing an Alpha course in Cambridge, I really felt God was telling me to go home and plant my roots, so I did.

Now that I was home, everything fell into place. I bought a house, met my wonderful fiancé Joe and found an amazing church (City Church Grimsby), who have become like my family. Every day is still a bit of battle in terms of my anxiety and happiness, but after fighting immensely hard to accept myself, feel confident and find happiness, and with God constantly on my side, I can now say that I truly enjoy living my life.